OpenHack wins CIO 2016 Award

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In December 2015 OpenHack held its first hackathon to promote humanitarian coding. We wanted to show that developers can help improve the world by releasing open source software that serve humanitarian purposes. What started out as a modest hackathon idea soon grew into something bigger. We partnered with several humanitarian organizations, got national TV coverage and several big companies like IBM joined the effort.

The hackathon was a success and the winner developed a prototype for Doctors Without Borders to help them measure temperatures inside vaccine transports. All this seem to have impressed corporate Sweden because in December we received the CIO 2016 Award (Swedish) for “best digital inspirer”.

OpenHack 2015 Project Group

It was a great honor but even better this helped promote OpenHack and afterwards several companies expressed great interest in sponsoring next year’s OpenHack.

If any of this sounded interesting I suggest keeping eye on and their Facebook page for news on upcoming events. This article on goes into greater detail about OpenHack 2015.

Erik Gärtner

Erik Gärtner

Ph.D. student in Deep Learning and Computer Vision with an interest in entrepreneurship

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